Our practice is built on the simple premise that public affairs success begins with a clear understanding of the policy dimensions of a particular challenge. From assessing political risk posed in current or proposed law to developing innovative policy solutions to meet complex problems, we “sweat the details” to provide our clients substantive, specific action plans necessary to achieve their goals.

Innovation Ecosystem

MB² helps clients navigate fast moving policy and political dynamics across ICT platforms and beyond. Our experience has taught us that while the technology sector faces its own unique challenges, the breadth of the sector's impact – in areas such as health care, education, transportation and beyond – places unique public affairs demands on the sector which benefit from our interdisciplinary approach.

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Human Capital Development

In areas ranging from education and workforce development to immigration policy, MB² brings deep subject matter expertise and a broad network of relationships to help clients succeed in the Knowledge Economy.

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Food & Agriculture

MB² develops progressive food policy agendas that utilize public policy as a tool to promote a Good Food system that is healthier, more economically equitable, and more environmentally sustainable. Initially under the banner FoodPolicyUS, our work in regenerative food production on two farms in Central Virginia; our local and regional supply chain expertise; and our policy experience on the Farm Bill, Child Nutrition, Food Labeling, and Ag Tech make MB² a firm uniquely situated to address public affairs matters in food and agriculture. 

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