MB² (MB Squared) is part of a movement seeking to bring new and innovative practices to tackle tough problems. Our Collective Impact practice is uniquely situated to help clients and partners change systems by working across sectors. We align our actions in a disciplined fashion that embodies equity and deeply engages the communities we hope to serve.

Collective IMpact

MB² catalyzes proprietary Collective Impact (CI) engagements in such areas as neighborhood development and health equity, building and convening a team of stakeholders, identifying a backbone organization that owns the project management and community catalyst functions, identifying a funding source, developing and carrying out a master plan built around the CI framework, and assisting in the transition to implementation and measuring of results.

Key to our approach is a focus on community engagement; we firmly believe that unless community members are directly and meaningfully engaged in the work of social change, gains will be illusory and short-lived. Frequently, policymakers decide that the work of community consensus-building is too messy and time-consuming, and opt to pursue a top-down approach. In those instances, envisioned reforms inevitably fail for want of public support. We assist public, private and nonprofit stakeholders in the language and process of identifying and engaging community champions, whose buy-in and advocacy is essential to successful application of the CI framework.